Accident Sickness Unemployment

Accident Sickness and Unemployment

Here at Eagle Property Solutions we are happy to provide you with information on Accident Sickness and Unemployment also know as ASU. Any brokers make this a complicated process and often very confusing. As a independent provider we at Eagle Property Solutions will give you the impartial Accident Sickness and Unemployment you require.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment policies are a type of insurance protection should you find yourself reluctantly unemployed, as a result of sickness, accident or redundancy. It is required that upon taking out such a policy, you are not expecting to be out of work for any of the above mentioned reasons. Accident Sickness Unemployment could prove most beneficial if you are self employed or your current job does not provide you with (adequate or otherwise) Sick Leave.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment policies can cover three main payment categories ; Loan Payments that can cover credit cards and such like expenditures, Mortgage Payments, and Daily Expenses such as food and bills. Your choice of policy will affect the payments you are covered for, as it will the premiums and the monthly cost. Policies are usually available for those aged over 18 and under 60, and vary according to your salary and tailored requirements. It is typical that the cost of your policy will rise as your age increases.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment cover will typically last for between 1 and 2 years or until you are once again employed. The waiting period for receiving your monthly payments should you decide to claim varies from 30 to 90 days according to our policy, and in some cases can exceed that.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment policies tend to have certain xclusions and provisions, so it is paramount that you familiarise yourself with the full details of your chosen policy.

For more information on Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) please call us on 0208 660 0104.