Best solar panels

Best solar panels

Every single manufacturer out there wants you to believe that their solar panels are the best and that they can offer you something that the other solar panel manufacturers cannot. So for the most part we are left no knowing exactly what to do and how to go about finding out if the solar panels are actually good or if the manufacturer is just ripping us off?

Well after doing a little research I’ve found just the trick; a secret which I will most definitely share with you. The first thing I learned is that before you go ahead and want to buy the solar panels, you need to figure out how many exactly you will need, as depending on your house hold one solar panel may not be the best solution for you. The matter of fact is if you want all your electricity to be provided by the solar panels then you must buy more than one panel. How many exactly would you need? Well that goes down to how large your house hold is and how much electricity would need to be provided to accommodate your house holds needs. After figuring this out the next thing you will need to take into consideration is again depending on what type of home energy panel you are using; batteries for solar PV panels and storage tanks for thermal insulation panels. You will need to consider the size of the batteries or water tanks that you will have in your home, you may need more than one battery or tank depending on the electrical and or hot water usage in your home. You can work out the amount of energy used in your home by multiplying the amount of Watts by the number of hours to find out how much energy is used. So as an example if you have a 60w bulb that runs over 4 hours then you would do: 60W x 4 = 240WH. So now you know that for over two hours your light bulb will use 240WH, if you repeat this with all the electrical appliances in your home then you should be able to find out the total amount of energy used in your home. To find out how much energy your solar panel provides you can multiply the number of watts that your solar panel is by the number of hours exposed to sunshine then by 0.84 (this factor takes into account the natural losses of energy) so for example if you had a 15w solar panel that had been exposed to sunlight for 6 hours then you would do: 15w x 6 x 0.84 = 75.6, so this is the amount of energy that can be supplied by the solar panel to the battery. So if you know how much energy your house hold uses and understand how much energy you will need to provide for your home then you understand how many solar panels you may require.

All of this makes it easier to find the best solar panels. Not just in general but the best solar panel for your personal home and the one that will benefit your family the most. There are endless manufacturers all different and individual who have the best brands of solar panels each coming to you with a proposal that may sound really good, but I would say the next step you should take into finding the best solar panel for you is to look at the quality of the solar panels, is it resistant to harsh weather, as these pales will be exposed to all and there will be absolutely no point in paying tens of thousands of pounds for solar panels that will not last for length of time that you may need them. The better quality the solar panels are the less maintenance checks you will have to do.

It is important that you look into the solar panels that you are wishing to buy, it is a lot of money and although it works out for the best in the long run, don’t make mistakes at the beginning.

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