Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning in London, many people feel like they don’t need advice. Carpet cleaning probably isn’t on the top of everyone’s minds, but it is an important part of life that cannot be ignored

How often do we actually partake in carpet cleaning? One would hazard a guess to say ‘not enough’, and they’d be right. Here at Eagle Property Solutions, we offer a professional carpet cleaning service that puts every landlord or home owner at rest.

Here are some myths about carpet cleaning that most people probably don’t realise:

"The carpet doesn't look dirty; do we need to even have it cleaned?”

The simple answer is probably. Some carpets hide soil more than others, true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t dirty. And the soil present in all carpets acts as an abrasive, thereby slowly damaging the carpet until not even a clean can save it. It can result in premature wear, loss of fibre protection, and especially loss of colour. If you have any doubt, you should assume that you need some carpet cleaning.

"I was told when I bought my carpet that I should wait a few years before I get them cleaned, because once you have them cleaned, you always have to have them cleaned"

This is a complete fabrication (no pun intended). Most manufacturers say that you should do carpet cleaning every 12-18 months, to get the best life out of them. A high number of people have problems with some carpet cleaning company’s use of high-residual detergents, which attract dirt after the carpets have been cleaned. Eagle Property Solutions do not allow these to be used, which is why we have authority on carpet cleaning.

"I was told that once the carpet cleaning has been finished, I do not need to add any protecting agent to my carpets because it has an inbuilt stain resistor”

While it is true that most modern residential carpeting has some degree of stain resistance after carpet cleaning, no carpet is actually strain-proof. There is a great deal of security with your carpets if you add a stain resistor however, with more soil being removed by vacuuming. So after you finish with carpet cleaning, make sure to add some.

As you can see, there are some myths of carpet cleaning that are easy to rectify, especially considering that carpet cleaning is an oft forgotten method. At Eagle Property Solutions, we strive to give your carpets the safest, longest-lasting and deepest cleaning that they can possibly get. Our use of non-residual cleaner means that soil will not attach to the carpet quickly, resulting in a cleaner carpet for longer.

Carpet Cleaning

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