Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is used to reduce heat loss through a cavity wall by ‘filling the air space with a porous material’. The materials used in cavity wall insulation are designed to withstand vermin and rotting, and are also water resistant.

According to the Government’s energy efficiency division at DEFRA, sufficient cavity wall insulation installed properly can stop up to two thirds of heat loss, so you can save on energy bills and reduce your property’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Not only are there financial and eco benefits to installing cavity wall insulation, but you will also benefit from a more even temperature throughout your home, and also prevent condensation. Not only could cavity wall insulation help keep your property warmer in the winter weather; it could also keep it cooler in warmer weather.

Cavity wall insulation takes between two and three hours for an average three bedroom semi-detached house, and leaves no mess or damage to the interior or exterior of your property.

The average cost of cavity wall insulation for a three bedroom semi is around £250, and with average savings of around £110 a year on your energy bill, cavity wall insulation pays for itself after an average of 2 years. So the initial cost of cavity wall insulation is quite quickly recouped, that is in addition to the continued savings you make on energy bills.

The government has launched a scheme where every home-owner is entitled to receive a 50% grant for both cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, and this designed to encourage energy saving measures and also applies to solar energy installations.

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