Cheap EPC

Cheap EPC Here at Eagle property solutions we are glad to be able to offer a cheap EPC to all of our potential clients. The average cost of an EPC would usually cost anything within the range of £45 - £100. This is something which we have taken into consideration. Eagle have worked hard to ensure that we can keep our prices at a cheap and competitive rate to keep our customers satisfied.  Not only are we providing you with a cheap EPC, we are also providing you with a quality service that will always result in customer satisfaction. These are just one of the things within which we can pride ourselves on at Eagle property solutions.

Our prices we charge for an EPC at Eagle is £39 plus vat, which we are sure you can agree, is a very excellent and cheap rate. Even though the rate we offer is a competitive one which is offered to you at a low-cost, we would like to keep our customers assured that all of our assessors are fully qualified engineers, who follows out assessments in accordance to the government guidelines.  All of our assessors at Eagle property solutions have the customer’s satisfaction at heart.  The fact that we provide you with a cheap EPC, does not in the least affect the quality of our service, or the professionalism of our team. This is what makes the service we provide at Eagle property solutions unique. You will be provided with all of the relevant information to get your emissions to a more efficient standard. This will be done by suggesting things such as loft insulation, savings which can be made, the rating of your property before and after an EPC and estimates of your current energy emissions. This information could not only save you money, but will also ensure the safety of the persons within the property, as carbon monoxide emissions will be monitored with your EPC.

If you have been looking for a company which can not only provide you with a cheap EPC, but an excellent service, then Eagle is most definitely the company you have been looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us answer any of your further queries. You will not be disappointed after receiving your EPC from Eagle property solutions.