Cleaning services in London

Cleaning services in London

Eagle property solutions in London offer a variety of cleaning services which are there to suit each customer’s individual needs. The different cleaning services available in London include; domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, spring cleaning or one-off cleaning. Cleaning services in London also offer after builders cleaning, garden cleaning and shed cleaning.

When we look into the domestic cleaning services available in London we notice that different cleaning services around London will provide different cleaners or different services, however most of the cleaning specifications are the same. Cleaners will have to clean the main house; this includes rooms, toilets, kitchens and hallways. Cleaners may also have to do ironing jobs and laundry but depending on the different company you may have to pay a separate fee. Naturally our cleaners will dust and polish furniture, wipe windowsills, remove lime scale; cleaning services in London like Eagle stress that for the kitchen cleaners must clean ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and sinks; cleaning services also advise cleaners to clean toilet bowls, basins, baths, and taps. In addition to this they will also vacuum carpets, wash floors and clean cobwebs.

Though it is important to understand that different cleaning services in London have different requirements these vary from time of services to the price per service.

When looking into commercial cleaning services in London, again we see that some providers will like to asses the office or work space, then schedule a time that suits you and your company before they come and clean. Again each cleaning service in London is different and so the cleaning service they provide may differ from another cleaning service in London. Most commonly Eagle cleaning service will clean all table tops, empty bins, vacuum or mop floors. Cleaning services may also disinfect toilets seats, bowls and urinals. Our cleaners may wipe and polish mirrors and glass wear.

As each cleaning service in London is different, each cleaning service may have their own individual requirements for example; some cleaning services in London have a minimum time spend. Some cleaning services proved cleaning utensils and equipment and charge extra for it, while others will charge a lower price then use the customer’s personal cleaning products.

Some cleaning services in London provide an eco-friendly cleaning service; as most cleaning products are full of chemicals which can in turn cause short term and long term health affects the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products by the cleaning services in London, are both safe and effective in cleaning the home. Some domestic cleaning services that are offered in London use steam cleaning as it sanitises surfaces and cleans bacteria. Steam cleaning uses only natural water and so is environmentally friendly. Depending on what cleaning services in London you are getting your services from their may be a minimum time spend for the eco-friendly cleaning service.