commercial cleaning

What is commercial cleaning?

It’s yet another case of a wide subject that incorporates many areas, yet all centred around one aspect: giving customers a nice, clean office.

Commercial cleaning is associated with the cleaning of offices, retail, showrooms, factories and a whole host over ‘commercial’ buildings. Using different methods to domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning focuses on large scale tidiness that varies for every single property. Whether a company is moving into a small office that needs a spring clean, or a multinational company is leaving a complex, the building needs to be as clean as is possible, in order to create that aura of professionalism.

Of course, daily chores are needed in order for the overall appearance to be a high quality, but if everyone gets caught up with other business, cleaning can quickly get pushed back. However, along with these daily tasks, there are a number of periodic commercial cleaning tasks that need to be done, with a large amount of modern influences. Here is a list of services that commercial cleaning gives:
  • Computer Cleaning
    • A completely modern cleaning aspect of commercial cleaning is the influence of computing. Desktops, laptops, scanners, printers, photocopiers; modern electronics need a special commercial cleaning treatment. Telephones, however, are a germ risk from constant use, so should a property should have its own hygiene schedule.
    • Window Cleaning
      • As soon as windows were invented, people have washed them. With commercial cleaning every window will be fully cleaned, outside and inside, no matter how many storeys the property has. Dirty and grime can easily build around the window seals from wind, rain and various over weather cycles, and gets special attention from commercial cleaning. Because of height issues with the every top windows, it is always recommended to get a professional commercial cleaning service.
      • Carpet, Upholstery and Curtain Cleaning
        • One of the key areas of commercial cleaning that garners the most attention is the upholstery. With commercial cleaning performed at least once a year, the carpets will be permanently clean, with the rest of the upholstery needing attention when they are visibly soiled.
        • Without cleaning, germs and soil quickly grow until it spreads across the whole property, creating a workplace that is contaminated if left for too long
With commercial cleaning, the whole property feels like new, which can only be a good thing. Getting professional commercial cleaning is fully advised, as attempting to perform it yourself will not garner the same result, no matter how hard you scrub the carpet.
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