Commercial EPCs

Commercial EPCs Eagle property solutions are a company which is a provider of commercial EPCs to any company which seeks to obtain one.  Commercial EPCs are legal requirement in accordance to government guidelines and must be sought by any company which seeks to provide a dwelling space to any employers, tenants or buyers.  Commercial EPCs ensure that the energy being used within the space is not only being used efficiently and economically, but also ensures the safety of any persons who are to spend any period of time on the premises, as the assessor carrying out your commercial EPC will monitor and check for any carbon monoxide emissions.

Commercial EPCs require a more in depth survey than a standard domestic one. This is due to the fact that commercial EPCs are required for any property which is business based. If you are unsure as to the difference between commercial EPCs and domestic ones and need to know if you will need a commercial EPC over a domestic one, the following information will clarify this for you. If you are a landlord or the responsible owner of any property or building which is not your home a commercial EPC is the correct assessment you will be requiring. However, homeowners of personal property will require a domestic one. Commercial EPCs also differ as this specific EPC will require the assessor to be technically trained and qualified. All of our commercial EPC assessors at Eagle property solutions are qualified to this standard. Your commercial EPC is a legal requirement as stated by government guidelines and is therefore essential before any person are allowed to be working or residing in the property.

Eagle property solutions can assist you in the acquirement of any commercial EPCs which are needed for your property. We are also able to state that our commercial EPCs are offered to you at an extremely competitive rate and are also offered to you no matter where you are in the London area. Also due to the number of assessors we have working in the London area we are also able to get to you quickly and deal with matter of your commercial EPCs as soon as possible. This is why the service we provide at Eagle property solutions is unique. We have considered the needs of our customers and have worked hard to meet the high demand of the growing need for commercial EPCs.