Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance explained....

Commercial Finance entails commercial mortgages and business loans designed specifically for investors or business owners to invest in or expand their business.

Commercial Finance is available for established businesses as well as start up businesses, although it can be easier to secure Commercial Finance if you are an already established business with a customer base. If you are a business and you need immediate cash boost, a Commercial loan may be the answer.

Such loans as Invoice Finance (or Factoring) can provide a business with an amount worth up to 90% of unpaid company invoices. Invoice Finance can give you the opportunity to access capital that would otherwise be tied up, utilizing it for growth and investment opportunities.

You can fund asset purchases through what is called Asset Finance, which can allow you to make necessary purchases that could improve the health of your business, and can also enable you to free up capital against your existing assets.

There are also Commercial Mortgages that serve a similar purpose to non commercial mortgages, only they apply to business properties and generally require a higher percentage deposit. This may be an option to you if you are just beginning your business, if your business requires new premises, or if you need to remortgage an existing commercial property.

Cash flow for businesses can be achieved with Commercial Finance in a number of ways. Business Finance can also help you with refinancing or obtaining an overdraft facility, which can in turn help you if your finances are lagging.

Whatever the nature and size of your business, there is some form of Commercial Finance that can suit your needs.

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