curtain cleaning

Curtain Cleaning explained

With Eagle Property Solutions, we aim to help every landlord and tenant with all of their property needs. For our curtain cleaning service especially, we guarantee that your curtains will receive the deepest and fullest clean that is possible, at a rate that is highly competitive with the surrounding curtain cleaning companies.

Our curtain cleaning services include the guarantees that we will eliminate any chances of:

  • Possible curtain shrinkage or deformation
  • Damage occurring to the curtain’s fabric or lining
  • Stains incorrectly treated, tarnished or not eliminated at all
  • Considerable colour change during our curtain cleaning process
  • Modification to the way the curtains drape when they are re-hung
  • Leaving you to take down or re-hang the curtains yourself

We acknowledge that these worries are valid when it concerns curtain cleaning, but we give you our word that we will take care of all curtain cleaning ailments, to give you a rest of mind.

The concerns that people have over curtain cleaning policies results in many years of neglect for their curtains; years of dirt and dust build-up on their curtains creates underlying damage that is not noticeable at first sight. And the longer the soiling builds up, the harder it is for curtain cleaning to be effective.
There are not many curtain cleaning companies in the London and Surrey area that have our expertise, especially in regards to the removal and addition of curtains to the rail. Eagle Property Solutions, however, are one of these curtain cleaning companies, which gives us a particular recommendation for landlords and tenants.
Our curtain cleaning services are not limited to, but include:
  • Full take down of all curtains needed for cleaning
  • An assessment of each curtain, to discover what needs to be done
  • Full wash, stain and after care treatment for each curtain
  • Repetition of removals if necessary
    • Some stains and soiling are harder to remove than others
    • We will not return the curtains until we are absolutely sure that there is nothing else that can be done
    • Specialised finishing to each curtain
      • Alignment of each fold or pleat
      • Even spacing of folds or pleats
      • Complete stitching
      • Level length for each curtain

As we are based in London and Surrey, our curtain cleaning services are available in all areas that surround these parts of the South East, as well as having no problems with travelling further afield if needs be.
For more information on our curtain cleaning services, give us a ring on 0208 660 0104, or email us at for all your information needs.