Domestic EPC

Domestic EPC If you are in need of a domestic EPC, Eagle property solutions are the providers you have been looking for as we are one of the number one providers in London. Not only this, we can also offer you your domestic EPC at a price which is extremely competitive. Our standard price for a domestic EPC costs just £39 plus vat. We have a large team of assessors working in the London area which enables us to get to you no matter where you are.

A domestic EPC is only required by those who need certificates for their homes. This does not include anyone who is renting a property. If you are a homeowner then a domestic EPC is the legal requirement, in accordance to government guidelines, for your home. A commercial EPC is for those who are obtaining an EPC for business purposes and is not the same as a domestic EPC.

You domestic EPC will provide you with all of the relevant information needed to bring all of the emissions in the home down to a more economical one which is not only friendly to the environment, but will also bring down the cost of your annual energy bills. This will be done by compiling a report (which will be handed to you after the assessment) of all of the necessary actions required to to bring your emissions down. The report will suggest things such as loft insulations and cavity wall insulations. This is all in aid to help you get your emissions down to a friendly standard. Your domestic EPC is also compulsory as your home will be monitored for any carbon emissions. This not only insures your safety but also the safety of all persons residing within the property.

Once a Eagle property solutions assessor arrives to assess the property, it will usually take up to an hour before the assessment is complete so there is no fuss or waiting around. All of our assessors are fully qualified domestic energy assessors and maintain an extremely professional manner at all times and you can rest assured that the service you receive will be an extremely satisfactory one. If you have been looking for a company which can not only provide you with a cheap EPC, but an excellent service, then Eagle is most definitely the company you have been looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us answer any of your further queries. You will not be disappointed after receiving your EPC from Eagle property solutions.