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End of Tenancy Cleans from Eagle

The laws surrounding end of tenancy cleans have been disputed for as long as they have been around. With end of tenancy cleans a necessary function for landlords and property as a whole, one main question has to be asked: what are the laws, and are they fair?

End of tenancy cleans, for the longest time, had no regulation. It is thought that up to 11,000 deposits are currently withheld unfairly because of end of tenancy cleans, totalling around £3.6 million. The total sum held by landlords in the form of deposits is approximately £74 million, according the figures released earlier this year.

Students especially have been the hardest hit from end of tenancy cleans, with the National Union of Students (NUS) saying that end of tenancy cleans accounted for up to £200 average per person over their University life. And with the state of some student’s houses, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who could tell you where the end of tenancy cleans went.

The law was changed in England in 2008, with landlords signing up to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Filed under the Housing Act of 2004, it limits the amount of money landlords can take from an end of tenancy scheme, making sure that tenants get as much of their deposit back as possible.

However, this year new laws were introduced to make sure the disputes surrounding end of tenancy cleans finish. Starting in Scotland, the government has decided that tenants will hand their security deposit to an independent arbitrator, rather than the landlords. In doing so, the charges set by end of tenancy cleans will be independent.

The law was set in March, and in doing so, disputes over end of tenancy cleans have reduced. Both parties will go to a mediation at no cost, and will discuss the level of end of tenancy cleans that have developed.

On the new laws, housing minister Alex Neil said: "The majority of landlords behave responsibly and so it is important that we tackle those landlords who continue to tarnish the image of the private rented sector… The new regulations are streamlined with the emphasis on creating a cost effective approach to safeguarding tenancy deposits."

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