EPC If you are currently an owner of property or are leasing or renting a property it is your responsibility to ensure that the property has received an EPC. One of the many services we can assist you with at Eagle property solutions is the acquirement of an energy performance certificate (EPC). An EPC is an essential and compulsory assessment in regards to the current state of your properties energy emissions. To get an EPC you must have your property assessed by a fully qualified energy assessor who follows out assessments in accordance to the government guidelines.  All of our assessors at Eagle property solutions are fully qualified and are all part of a register. Our assessors will visit the property and perform a short survey of the property in order to understand the properties energy emissions and efficiency before being issued with an energy performance certificate (EPC). An EPC will be provided with a report which will indicate where a properties emissions and cost to run can be lowered.  This will be done by suggesting things such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulations and double glazing savings which can be made, the rating of your property before and after an EPC and estimates of your current energy emissions.

An EPC is a legal document that all owners of property must have. All properties were once required to produce a home information pack (HIP) but the Hip was deemed unnecessary and too expensive. It was therefore suspended in 2010. The only legal document which is now needed in regards to a properties energy use is an energy performance certificate (EPC). This is to ensure that all owners of property are aware of the energy emissions the property is producing and to then ensure that the emissions are at a satisfactory level. An EPC will always be documented on an A3 size paper and will be in full colour. An EPC is only valid if it is logged on to the national register search. An EPC is valid for 10 years.

Do not hesitate to call us at Eagle property solutions if you are in need of your EPC. Also allow us to answer any of your further queries. We offer a free quotation for all of our customer inquiries, so please do not hesitate to call and get your free quotation today and arrange your EPC.