EPC assessments

EPC assessments If you require an EPC for your property, you will first of all need to have the property assessed by a fully qualified energy assessor. Eagle property solutions have a large amount of assessors who are available in the entire London area. There are many reasons why these assessments are crucial. The first being is that an EPC is a legal requirement according to government law.

Standard energy performance assessments will usually last from anything between 1- 2 hours and will be conducted by our accredited Domestic Energy Assessors. Our assessors at Eagle property solutions will perform the assessment as quickly as possible without causing any disruption to your home or property. EPC assessments will include a number of examinations to conclude the results of the properties energy performance. Once the assessment has finished you will be given a report which will give an overall estimate of the properties emissions, efficiency, heating patterns and also your current rating in regards to environmental impact. The assessment will essentially help you to get your energy use down to a more acceptable and environmentally friendly level, by suggesting improvements that can be made such as loft insulations, cavity wall insulations and also thing such as double glazing. Once you have been given the suggested improvements which should be made to the property you will then be given the potential improvements that could be made to your property after the assessments. Not only are these measures here to save you money and keep your energy emission down, they are also in place to insure the safety of any persons dwelling within the property. This is done by monitoring the carbon monoxide emissions of your property. An EPC assessment must be carried out every 10 years as this is the period of time the certificate is valid for.

If you would like to receive your EPC assessment quickly promptly and also at a price which is extremely competitive, then Eagle Property services is the perfect company for the job. To book your assessments please contact us to arrange your appointment for your assessment.

 The prices we charge for EPC assessments at Eagle Property services is £39 plus vat, which is an extremely affordable price which we are proud to be able to offer to all of our customers. Although we can promise you this low rate for your assessments with Eagle property solutions, we are also able to offer you a top quality service.