Essential Check in Inventory for Landlords

Essential Check in Inventory for Landlords As a landlord, you’ll find you have to keep track of a whole host of things - a check in inventory is one of those. Documenting all the furnishings and the state of the property is time consuming and takes effort. Our inspectors will help you with check in inventory that is comprehensive and error free.

The fact of the matter is, a check in inventory done by the property owner or non professional can miss vital aspects. The last thing you need at the end of a tenancy is a disagreement over the status of the furniture because of an inaccurate check in list.

For a thorough check in inventory, it is essential to get some good quality pictures of the property. The ceilings, walls, carpets, doors and woodwork must be inspected for a check in inventory both in furnished and unfurnished properties. With our high quality cameras and experiences inventory clerks, we can guarantee you a comprehensive picture of the property.

One glance over the check in inventory will show you all you need to see –which reparations need doing, which ornaments and appliances are present. This should give both landlord and tenant easy look at the situation and a contract you can both agree on and does not turn up any unpleasant surprises later. The check in inventory will be compared to the check out inventory, so it is a vital document.

Rather than looking round for major damage, call us in. We will recognise surface abrasions, hidden faults with electrics and major damage - replacements were necessary. Any ornaments and precious items that came with the property will also be listed, leaving nothing forgotten. We are always honest and accurate about the state of the property. A check in inventory should always contain concise but complete notes.

In addition to major issues, check in inventory items should be examined for minor damage and cleanliness. The last thing a landlord needs is tenants disputing the quality of the furniture. A full check in inventory covers for the possibility of disputes post-tenancy.

Having a third party to conduct a check in inventory prevents any dispute should there be a court case. It is well worth the money to hire an independent inventory clerk to produce a full check in inventory. Our check in inventory service is great value for its level of efficiency. Call us today and get that check in inventory out the way.