Buy to Let Mortgages from our Mortgage Brokers in London

Buy to Let Mortgages from our Mortgage Brokers in London

Buy to Let Mortgage

Eagle Property Solutions are proud a boast some of the finest mortgage brokers in business. We can offer you free Buy to Let Mortgage advice and exclusive deals.

The decision to approve your Buy to let Mortgage also depends on the likelihood of your property being a significantly good long term investment, which in turn takes into account the location, type and price of the property. The shape of the property market and the economy are also vital, for both borrower and lender.

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It is sensible to factor in some Since the 2007 credit crunch and subsequent recession, Buy to Let Mortgages have become increasingly difficult to obtain. Lenders are now proposing an average of at least 75% loan-to-value, and a minimum rental value of around 125% of the monthly mortgage payments. A Buy to Let Mortgage will cost you significantly more than a conventional mortgage, with tougher restrictions and tighter criteria. The potential rental income of the property you propose to Buy to Let (rather than your annual income as with a conventional mortgage) will determine whether your application for a Buy to let Mortgage is accepted or not, though your personal income and status may also be taken into consideration.

Extra funds to cater for unforeseen circumstances such as the property being vacant for a few months and unexpected repairs and maintenance. There may also be costs to managing your property and prospective tenants if you are not able to do so yourself.

Acquiring a Buy to Let Mortgage in most cases is more likely to be a long term investment rather than a short term gain, so the consideration of a long term plan of action is essential.

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