Flat Inventory Template

Flat Inventory Template A flat inventory template is a clear, concise spreadsheet with pictures and notes on all furnishings and rooms in the property. A landlord should use this to inform a tenant of the full condition of the accommodation whenever a new tenant checks in to the flat. A flat inventory template will contain all the information of the interior and exterior or the flat.

Included in a flat inventory template are all the surfaces. The flat will be divided up by room for convenience – living areas, each bedroom, kitchen and outside areas like the garden and shed or garage. Under the subheadings of each room, you should see the state of the walls, floors and ceilings mapped carefully. A thorough flat inventory template will insist on details about the exact state of the roofs, floors and carpets so as not miss potentially vital details.

As well as the surfaces, the infrastructure will also be involved in the flat inventory template. This includes doors, windows and supporting structures such as pillars or archways. Details of the types of window and door will also have a space for documenting in a good flat inventory template – whether the windows are double, single or triple glazed, for example.

Furnishings are next. Though some flats are unfurnished, it is important to have a flat inventory template – it is especially important to be detailed if it is furnished. The brand and model of chairs, tables and electronic devices will ideally be covered, as well as the price and condition.

Appliances are extras, such as kitchen utensils or garage tools. These and ornaments (paintings, ceramics) must also be included, especially if valuable. You are unlikely to remember all the items in the house so a flat inventory template will help you organise and hunt down items to write up.

If you are concerned you may not be able to draw up a flat inventory template, Eagle Properties Service can help. We can draw it up to cover all the bases, or else use your own flat inventory template to make sure all the areas you need covered are covered comprehensively. It is advisable to have a professional third party to conduct this for you, as we are highly unlikely to miss any item on a flat inventory template.

Operating in Greater London and Surrey, call Eagle Properties for a full flat inventory template appraisal, report and inspection on your property and prevent unnecessary loss from damage caused by insufficiently documented furnishings and structures.