FLOOR PLAN A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing as though seen from above. On a floor plan every wall, doorway, window, etc. will be drawn in scale. A well-drawn floor plan is a fundamental tool to see how rooms are arranged into a house or a building.

If you are thinking about buying a property, it is very important to get a floor plan so that you can appreciate the full sizes of and the overall property layout.

If you own a property that you want to sell, it is fundamental to provide a good floor plan to potential buyers. Many sellers, especially private sellers, do usually save time providing a floor plan: they can easily send the floor plan by e-mail to all interested buyers. This is a practical tool that will prove potential buyers your reliable way of selling and they will be able to take an overview of your property. A floor plan is without any doubt a great addiction to any advertising. Furthermore, a practical glance on the floor plan can immediately reveal the buyers if your property is suitable for them or not: that helps to save wasting time long viewings. When enquires for buying a property are several, a floor plan could let landlords focus only on truly interested buyers.

Even if you are planning to build a house, you need a complete set of construction plans, which will certainly include a floor plan, in addiction to further tools like cross-section drawing, electrical plans, elevation drawing and many other types of diagrams.

Our floor plan service can be taken alongside other of those certificates that are necessary to build or sell a house. Our floor plan service provides easily understandable floor plans, ideal to attract a larger number of potential buyers.  Make sure we provide a special touch even when you are selling privately. A team of our engineers will measure every room of your house and, working side by side with expert architectures, will draw a precise floor plan of your property. Measuring will not take more that few hours and your floor plan will be ready in few days.

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