Free Inventory Templates

Free Inventory Templates? Are they worth it?

Free inventory templates or preview templates are available to view online to give you an idea of what a property inventory would look like, and the information it would include. You can download inventory templates from certain websites to fill in yourself or for your agent to fill in for you.

Free inventory templates usually come in a similar format, with an address and a date at the very top before a list of all the separate rooms in the property. Under the heading of every room are a list fixtures & fittings, relevant appliances and furniture, with space to record their condition and leave any additional comments. The end of the inventory template will feature a space where one or more signatures can be present, ensuring that all parties involved agree to the inventory document.

The property inventory templates can be downloaded for free to fill out either by printing and doing so by hand, or by downloading to a document to completed electronically.

Free inventory templates available to download and fill out usually come embossed with the emblem and contact details of the company that supplied the inventory template free of charge.

Whatever information you do not include in the inventory template will not be accounted for or considered should any dispute arise between landlord and tenant, and cannot be used to the benefit of either party. It is therefore vital to record and accurately describe all aspects of the property, as anything overlooked is your responsibility should you need to claim at the end of the tenancy period.

Free inventory templates are available to download in word format or in spreadsheet format depending on your preferences. If you have Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel, you can download a free inventory template on either program. Microsoft free inventory templates are very well designed, with the Access inventory template being quite attractive and user friendly, and Excess being quite practical and simple to complete and modify.

In our experience which combines over 45 years in the industry we believe free inventory templates are great for saving money but in the long run if you have an issue its not with the paper it’s written on. ALWAYS get an independent inventory company to complete the inventory on your property.

A few pounds spent now could save you £1000’s in the long run. This is why we at Eagle do not think its worth using Free inventory Templates

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