Free Solar Panels

Free Solar Panels


If you’re interested in solar panels but just do not have the funding for then, then you may be interested in what im about to reveal.

Private investors and the government funds some companies and organisations so that people who aren’t able to afford the services can get them for absolutely free

With the introduction last year of Feed-in-Tariffs (FIT) which means electricity companies have to pay for every unit of renewable electricity produced in homes. Eagle use the money from the FITs to pay for the free solar panels whilst you belefit from the saving on you fuel bills. This means that the solar panels are free, the installation is free; there are no one off charges, no maintenance charges; basically absolutely no charges what so ever.

Not only this but here at Eagle we will even maintain the solar panels for 25 years absolutely free. By doing this we make sure that Eagle are able to build a substantial business, and we also help the government in reducing the amount of carbon footprint in the UK as each solar panel system reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1 tonne per year.

Your roof needs to be eligible for you to be able to get free solar panels. Please remember that it is not about who you are rather what your roof is like; and where your home is situated; here are some pointers for eligibility:

  • Your roof needs to be facing the south
  • Essentially there should be around 20m2 or more of unshaded area around the solar panels with clearance around the place.
  • And finally, your home needs to be more than 500 miles from the sea.

Use our Calculate my Solar Potential tool on our website.

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