Green Deal

Green Deal

The Green Deal is an exciting, new scheme that the government are hoping to introduce as of autumn 2012. The government hope that the Green Deal will help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions in accordance with the Climate Change Act 2008. A number of benefits will also accompany the overall objective; including creating and sustaining up to 250,000 jobs, helping the fuel poor and disadvantaged to heat their homes more effectively and helping the Green industry expand.

The government envisions that the Green Deal will be an easy process with minimal stress. There will a number of steps in the process, though they are designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. The government also want to reduce the amount of red tape that could make the process more arduous.

One of the first steps involved in securing government backed funding is having a Green Deal Assessor inspect a property. A Green Deal Assessor will produce an EPC, though it is to be an updated version of the one currently available. The assessor will complete a survey and use it, along with the EPC, to suggest what measures could be installed onto a property. The government is creating guidelines that will have to be followed by Green Deal Assessors, proving that they are capable of completing the work that is required of them.  Assessors will also have the ability to select from a large, though limited, amount of measures that the government have approved for installation under the Green Deal.


Green Deal Providers will be the next port of call for a consumer. Green Deal Providers will tailor packages to consumer’s individual needs and circumstances, taking into account the recommendations set out by assessors. Once the consumer and provider have agreed to a package of measures the funding for the efficiency improvements is released. To maintain the attractiveness of the Green Deal, the government have advised Green Deal Provides that interest rates must remain reasonable. The government will also make sure that the loan provided is regulated under current legislation such as the consumer credit act 1974.

Consumers will then have Green Deal Installers attend their property and install any measures set out by providers. Installers will try and work together and delegate tasks so that they can complete any renovations with as little inconvenience to the consumer as possible. The government have identified the serious potential for’ rouge traders’ to masquerade as accredited installers. To address this government are introducing a quality mark that will only be made available to registered, accredited installers. A rigorous framework will also be put in place by the government so installers can show that they are capable of conducting the work.

The government hope to give power to tenants to request that their landlord register under the Green Deal. Local authorities will also be given the power to force owners and landlords of significantly underperforming properties to undertake energy efficiency measures under the Green Deal. This will ensure that everyone is able to benefit from the Green Deal and ultimately aid the government in reaching their target of a 34% cut in carbon emissions by 2020.

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