Green Deal Advisor

Green Deal Advisor

The Green Deal is an exciting new scheme that is being developed and introduced by the government. Under the Green Deal consumers will be able to conduct energy efficiency measures to their property without any initial cost. Energy efficiency measures will be financed by Green Deal Providers, who will be comprised of private organisations.

The way in which finance will be provided will be revolutionary. The loan, although far from a conventional one, is linked not to an individual but the meter of a property. This means that the current owner or bill payer of the property will be responsible for loan repayments. Repayments are made via instalments on a consumer’s energy bill. It is envisioned that energy efficiency improvements will pay for themselves through the savings made.

A Green Deal Advisor will, usually, be the first physical contact a consumer will have with something associated with the Green Deal. The Green Deal Advisor will be responsible for assessing properties energy efficiency.

A Green Deal Advisor will look in various areas of a building including any potential draft spots, basements or lofts, boiler and windows. Through observation and recording results a Green Deal Advisor will be able to produce an energy performance certificate (EPC). The EPC used will be an updated version of the current one. Using this as an aid the Green Deal Advisor will be able to compile a Green Deal Report. The Green Deal Report will help the Advisor suggest a variety of energy efficiency measures that would be suitable for the property. The Advisor will also instruct consumers on how they could reduce their energy consumption and energy bills. However, a Green Deal Advisor will not be responsible for what measures are installed on the property. An Advisor will only be given the power to recommend, not sanction, energy efficiency measures.

An Advisor will not have an unlimited amount of measures he can choose from. The measures from which he can draw from must be approved under the Green Deal. This will prevent a Green Deal Advisor suggesting energy efficiency measures that would not meet the ‘Golden Rule’. A Green Deal Advisor will always keep the Golden Rule in mind when assessing a property.

Green Deal Providers will have the final say in what measures can be installed as they will finance the energy efficiency measures. Though, their decision will rely heavily on the information collected and provided by the Green Deal Advisor.

The majority of Green Deal Advisors will already be qualified as domestic energy assessors (DEA). Domestic energy assessors will only have to register themselves under the Green Deal to become Green Deal Advisors. The government is currently creating, with industry experts, a rigorous certification scheme that will contain strict yet achievable criteria for an advisor. It is hoped the certification scheme will represent the correct balance between cost to the industry and consumer protection.

To help meet the eventual increase in demand the department of Education plan to create 1,000 Green Job apprenticeships. These apprenticeships will help people become a qualified Green Deal Advisor, or Green Deal Installer.

A Green Deal Advisor will perform a key role within the Green Deal. Without them the consumers will not know the efficiency of their properties. It is likely that the demand for Advisors will increase substantially when the Green Deal is introduced in 2012. The increase will result in more Advisor jobs being made available and consequently have a positive impact on unemployment figures.

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