Green Deal Assessor

Green Deal Assessor

In August 2012 the government wish to introduce a modern and revolutionary scheme that forms part of the Energy Bill 2010-11. The scheme will be known as the ‘Green Deal’. This revolutionary legislation will enable domestic and commercial consumers to identify where their property is wasting energy and then provide the funding to enable them to undertake necessary energy efficiency improvements.

Upon expressing interest in the Green Deal there are a number of procedures that must be completed in order for the customer to be granted the funding. The first and one of the most important steps is to have a Green Deal assessor inspect and evaluate the property. Green Deal assessors will inspect residential and commercial properties and provide an energy performance certificate (EPC).

The Green Deal assessor then uses the EPC as the primary components to create a Green Deal Report. Completion of the Green Deal report will allow the assessor to recommend a variety of measures to improve energy efficiency including loft and wall insulation, ground source heat pumps, solar panels, to name but a few. The Green Deal Assessor will also able to advise customers on various energy saving measures that can be adopted by the customer. Only the green deal assessor will be able to identify and sanction the need for improvements and ultimately the funding.


The Green Deal assessor will also be able to use the Green Deal report to tailor possible recommendations to the client. This is so that the total costs of upgrades do not exceed the amount that could potentially be saved, if this was the case then funding would be denied. Once possible measures have been discussed and agreed upon the customer is then free to contact a Green Deal Provider. Should a Green Deal assessor establish that there is no need for energy efficiency upgrades then that claim for funding can no longer be pursued.

Green Deal assessors, under government guidelines, must be approved and accredited by all relevant regulatory bodies. The Energy Bill, which the Green Deal forms part of, will specify that  specific criteria must be met by, not only assessors, but Green Deal providers and Green Deal installers alike. This will enable customers to receive a standardised service, assisting them in clearly understanding the difference between what is recommended to them by an assessor and what will actually be offered by Green Deal providers. This prevents ‘rogue traders’ undertaking work and unlawfully profiteering from the government Green Deal.

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