Green Deal Installer

Green Deal Installer

There must be a significant reduction of the UK’s carbon emission output of 34%, compared to 1990. Although some regard this as over ambitious this target is far from impossible to reach.  Autumn 2012 will be the moment when consumer access to energy efficiency improvements is completely revolutionised. The government will introduce a brand new initiative known as the ‘Green Deal’.

The Green Deal will enable home and business owners, in the UK, to undertake energy efficiency measures at no immediate cost. This is because the Green Deal will be centred around an innovative financing structure. The financing will be provided various private organisations, which will be branded Green Deal Providers. Repayments are made via the consumer’s energy bills, with energy efficiency measures paying for themselves through savings made.

There will be three main parties involved within the Green Deal scheme, the first being Green Deal Assessors. Green Deal Assessors will be responsible for assessing properties, providing an EPC, and recommending measures based on the results.  The consumer is then free to contact a Green Deal Provider, who will tailor packages to the consumers needs and finance the renovations.

What could be considered to be the most important party is involved in the Green Deal. They will be responsible for the installation of energy efficiency measures within a home, and are referred to as Green Deal Installers. A Green Deal Installer could be anyone from a variety of trades including a plumber, electrician, gas engineer and many more. A Green Deal Installer will have to certify that all installations are of satisfactory quality. As well as installation, an Installer will have to ensure that they commit to the certification of products and materials, warrantees and codes of practice regarding complaints.

Before being able to operate under the Green Deal, an Installer must become registered under the scheme. Once registered, a Green Deal Installer will have to show that he, or she, is capable of meeting the standard that will be required. A Green Deal Installer will have to pass rigorous criteria in order to become fully qualified. Industry experts, along with the government, are developing a quality mark. Though the name is yet to be finalised, it is already being referred to as the ‘Green Mark’.  The Green Deal Installer will have to display the Green Mark so consumers can recognise that the Installer meets the required standards. Someone posing as an accredited installer will be a major issue. The Green Mark will enable consumers to spot a rogue installer before they can begin installation.

A Green Deal Installer is likely to be highly sought after once the Green Deal is introduced to the masses. To help meet the increased demand for a Green Deal Installer, the Department of Education plan to fund 1,000 green apprenticeships in order for people to become a fully qualified Green Deal Installer, or Advisor. Organisations are also being encouraged to train existing staff in becoming a qualified Green Deal Installer. To encourage a Green Deal Installer to take new trainees, the DECC intend to offer discounts on Green Deal Installer registration fees.

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