Green deal installers

Green deal installers

Once you have sorted out your finance with the government. Whether you are paying for it single handed, or is receiving a grant from the government. A Eagle green deal installer will come to your property and sort you out. Eagle property solutions will make sure that the standards and certification framework; all work is completed to a recognized standard and that consumers can expect the same level of care as a customer, regardless of the installer. Eagle framework also consists of product material certification; codes of practice covering complaints and customer redress, and finally warrantees covering materials and installation. Eagle certified installers will be backed by an official quality mark, designed to allow consumers easily to identify Eagle green deal service providers.

Energy saving measures that are paid for via the Green Deal will only be installed by a Green Deal Installer registered under the relevant certification scheme for their trade, contracted by the provider.Existing trade certification schemes will be required to become accredited by UKAS to have met the Green Deal Standard (PAS 2030) which is being developed by BSI at this time. This will look at the competency and qualification of the installer. The GGF is represented on the PAS Working Party by Giles Willson Director of Technical Affairs and Deputy Chief Executive.

Responsibility for the Energy Performance Certificate

After installation of the products, the Green Deal Provider will be responsible for ensuring the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is updated by an accredited assessor to reflect the new improvements installed and to review against the details of the Green Deal Plan. Green Deal Plan Payment

It has been proposed that Payment for the Green Deal Plan will be in instalments collected through the respective energy bill. The on-going billing of the Plan instalments would need to be kept up to date and transparent to the energy bill payer. Green Deal plans can last up to 25 years or the lifetime of the product installed.

It is worth noting that all window designs and make ups will be covered by Green Deal but they must meet with The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule

Based on the findings of the Green Deal Assessment, the Green Deal provider will make a finance offer based on an assessment of the estimated savings that will result from the measures, if installed, and their likely costs for the installation work including finance costs. This is what the Government is calling “the Golden Rule”.

The cost of the work must be less than the expected savings over the length of the Green Deal plan.

The cost of the window will vary depending on the style, number of opening lights etc. An A rated window regardless of the design will save the same amount of energy and money to the occupier. Therefore Green Deal may meet the Golden

Rule for a basic window design however the consumer can pay the difference in cost as a top up to get the chosen product.

For certain measures an extra up front subsidy could be sought via the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The Government will introduce ECO alongside Green Deal. The obligation will require energy companies to support the installation of energy efficiency improvements to homes. ECO will offer further support in addition to Green Deal finance for harder to treat properties, where measures such as solid wall insulation are required and will not meet the Golden Rule. ECO also covers properties where the occupier is within the classification of “Fuel Poverty”.

The Government has stated that it would hope that Green Deal would be inclusive of and open to companies of all sizes down to SMEs. The GGF is concerned that it may not be that easy for the smaller companies to be able to get involved with

Green Deal Providers initially. With this in mind, the GGF is fighting every step of the way, through meetings and letters to ministers and MPs, and submissions to the

Energy Bill Committee, to ensure that SMEs are not disadvantaged.

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