Green Jobs

Green Jobs

The Green Deal will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock. It is intended that the Green Deal will help the government reach their target of a 34% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020. The Green Deal will encourage home and business owners to undertake energy efficiency measures at no prior cost. The proposed structure will provide finance to home and business owners in the UK.

Apart from the obvious goal of reducing CO2 emissions, the Green Deal will also bring with it a number of other benefits. It is anticipated that the Green Deal will create and sustain 100,000 jobs throughout the UK, peaking at 250,000 jobs. The Green Deal will require skills and services from a multitude of industries across the UK.  Jobs that are within the energy efficiency industry are often referred to as Green Jobs.

Green Jobs can be defined as jobs within an industry that manufacture goods or provide a service that benefits the environment or conserves natural resources. Green Jobs revolve around the environment and minimizing the impact of green house gases. There are a number of specific green goods or services that are provided through Green Jobs, such as, Energy from renewable sources, Energy efficiency, natural resource conservation, pollution reduction and environmental compliance. In the context of the Green Deal, energy efficiency measures will form the bulk of Green Jobs created.

The Green Deal will allow an already flourishing sector to expand and grow at an unprecedented level. With over 10 million homes lacking the efficiency that is required of them, there is the potential for a colossal surge in demand.  In turn this will help to create a large number of Green Jobs. With the current economic downturn the creation of Green Jobs will aid in the recovery.

Once awareness increases for the Green Deal, there will be a surge in the demand for Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA). Once the Green Deal is officially launched to the public, Domestic Energy Assessors, who are registered with the Green Deal, will be known as Green Deal Advisors. Green Deal assessors will be able to advise what improvements could be made to a property.

Tradespeople, who will be Green Deal Installers, will be allocated the majority of Green Jobs that will be made available. A variety of trades will be needed including electricians, plumbers, plasterers and insulation fitters, to name but a few.

To help boost Green Jobs, the government are trying to develop a skilled workforce in anticipation of the green deal. The Department for Business and Department of Education intend to fund at least 1,000 Green Jobs apprenticeships to help fulfil the demand. These apprenticeships will have a new and improved structure that is currently being designed and developed, encouraging companies to train new workers for Green Jobs. The DECC is also planning to work with industry officials to set out new standards and encourage installers to take on new trainees. The DECC will offer discounts on Green Deal Installer registration fees for organisations that take on new employees.


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