Independent Inventory Clerk

Independent Inventory Clerk An independent inventory clerk is a vital part of property services. Landlords have their work cut out attempting to take stock of all their properties and furnishings. For every property, all items included in the rented accommodation need to be listed and documented thoroughly to prevent loss of money as a result of damage or misuse.

A contract by an independent inventory clerk is beneficial for both landlords and tenants. It allows them to draw up a contractual agreement that both parties are comfortable with. Without it, disputes may occur about the quality of the property upon check in and check out.

An independent inventory clerk does all the heavy lifting. They will take extensive notes of the property and its contents – including walls, carpet, doors, windows and ceilings. Ornaments and appliances included will also be noted by the independent inventory clerk.

Minor damage and abrasions may affect the quality of the property. The independent inventory clerk lists this and any dirt or odours. Also in the independent inventory clerk’s inspection will be the level of cleanliness in the property. Odour or dirt affects its habitability.

Hiring an independent inventory clerk works like this; they take extensive notes and quality photos with a professional camera for you to look over and approve. As this process is very time consuming, it is well worth your while to hire an independent inventory clerk.

Should there be a dispute between landlord and tenant about who carries responsibility for the state of the product, an independent inventory clerk is a reliable witness – an independent inventory clerk has no reason to be biased in favour of either party, so should the issue go to court, their word will be taken as truth by the law.

A Eagle Property Solutions independent inventory clerk is of the highest professional standard, working tirelessly to ensure an accurate and detailed report. They are available on call all day and are prompt to respond to requests – ideal, as an independent inventory clerk is often called upon last minute; say, directly before a new tenant moves in and directly before they move out.

Operating in London and Surrey, any independent inventory clerk with us is guaranteed to save you hours and a lot of trouble at low cost, in these important times when starting up a tenancy contract without property inventories would be a disastrous move for both landlord and tenant.