landlord checklist

landlord checklist? Some useful tips.

With the advent of security deposits in relation to tenancy, the invention of the landlord checklist was made. It is very simple to say that something is damaged and charge a tenant for it, but without any proof, a claim will be hard come by.

The landlord checklist, or Property Inventory, is very simple. A couple of Eagle Property Solutions’ employees will survey the property in relation to furnishing, appliances and metre reading and record their state in the landlord checklist. If a desk has a scratch in it, for instance, it will be recorded in the landlord checklist and not counted for the final end of tenancy charge.

It’s a simple concept, but one that could make sure the landlord does not get in trouble for fraudulent claims.

The landlord checklist can be used in conjunction with the tenancy agreement to solidify any house or office rules that may need to be introduced, so that nothing in the house is unchecked. As the standard would have been set, any deviation from the landlord checklist will be noted and charged appropriately.

For the Check In, where the employees are present, each room will be surveyed closely for the landlord checklist, informing the tenant of any meter positions and readings so that they are informed before the date of arrival. After signing the landlord checklist for legality, the work is done.

An interim check is produced in a report format during the midterm of the tenancy, to get a ‘snapshot’ of the state of each room against the landlord checklist. Using our straightforward traffic light system, any changes from the landlord checklist that may have developed will be compared with a green light (no change), amber light (minimal change) and red light (considerable change). Obviously the landlord will be looking for an all green report, and more importantly, the tenant.

For the Check out, the same rules apply, but in this case the employee will verify any nuances that may have developed from the landlord checklist, along with the tenant, and check the final meter readings. Using our state of the art PDA system, any changes from the checklist will be noted immediately; the tenant will therefore have no time to make a quick fix.

Eagle Property Solutions hire clerks who have over 26 years combined in creating a landlord checklist; which makes us a premium company for inventory checks. Being able to provide service for London, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas, we are the perfect company to produce your checklist.

In order to find out our competitive prices for a landlord checklist please contact 0208 660 0104 for a quick and easy quote.