Leading Check Out Inventory Service

Leading Check Out Inventory Service Just like with checking in, any landlord will need an independent and reliable check out inventory. It is advisable to make sure that the same company deals with check out inventory, as there must be no discrepancies between the checking in and check out inventory.

An efficient check out inventory must always be conducted upon tenants leaving the property. It is the only way to make sure both tenants and landlord understand each other and that whoever is responsible for damage be fairly charged.

As we document everything closely during a check out inventory, small details do not get missed. We will carefully inspect carpets, walls, ceilings, doors, linen (if included) windows and furnishings for furnished properties. As part of check out inventory, we will compare photos and detailed notes to determine the changes, of any level of significance, to your property since the start of tenancy.

Anything missing, covered up or badly fixed will be noted and added to the full check out inventory. Tenants may not mean to cause damage, but it may not be immediately obvious to them when something requires immediate attention. Here, it is our job and pride to cover all aspects of the check out inventory and any issues that may cause problems.

A check out inventory is also sure to examine the cleanliness of a property. Dirt or lingering odour are obviously off-putting to a potential tenant and need to be addressed. We can find the source of the problem and allow you to promptly tackle it before new tenants move in.

When conducting a check out inventory, it is important that it is done by a third party. That way, any dispute about the claims of damage can be brought to light and there is plenty of documented, unbiased evidence. Should any claim be taken to court, our inspectors can bring their check out inventory for your property as proof of the state of the property after ending of tenancy.

If concerned about the state of your property, it is also an option to have a mid-tenancy check up on your property. This report will work much the same way, except that you will be aware of problems as they occur and will be able to sort them out sooner rather than later.

Our independent inspectors are highly trained and experienced and take seriously the job of check out inventory, keeping you free of loss from damage to your house, flat and furnishings as a trustworthy and reliable third party.