Life Insurance advice

Life Insurance advice

Do you need Life Insurance Advice?

We at Eagle Property Solutions are proud to be in a position to offer Life Insurance advice as an independent Brokerage.

Life Insurance is a policy that could provide those who financially depend on you with security, should you pass away unexpectedly or otherwise. The two main types of Life Insurance are Term Insurance (where money is paid out if the policy holder dies within a specified term i.e. 10 or 15 years) and Whole of Life Insurance (where a lump sum is paid out upon death).

Whole of Life Insurance is typically more costly than Term Insurance due to the restrictions of the latter. The premiums you pay for Life Insurance also depend on the work life and lifestyle of the policy holder, and their health and age.

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It is really important to be aware of certain exclusions on Life Insurance policies, for example circumstances where the cause of death prevents a payout. Another factor to bear in mind is the flexibility of the Life Insurance cover, that is, if you need to increase or decrease your payments or switch cover. It’s also vital to check the details regarding missing a payment, and whether that automatically terminates the policy or not.

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Depending on your chosen policy, Life Insurance can usually be paid out either in a lump sum or monthly instalments, and the waiting period for payout also varies from one policy to the other.

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