Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is the process of adding material to your loft, designed to keep more energy and heat in the rest of your property. The ideal thickness for loft insulation is 200mm or 8" and while some properties are not at all insulated, some properties are insulated with a thickness less than recommended. If you have some loft insulation, you can easily add to the insulation until it has reached an adequate thickness.

Typically Loft Insulation will come as blown material (which could only be installed by a specialist manufacturer), mineral wool quilt or loose fill.

The benefits of Loft Insulation are significant; you will feel a greater comfort in your property, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on your energy bills. Indeed, Loft Insulation is another great way to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions but also benefit our finances. Installing loft insulation in your home could save you in the region of £100 a year, plus the comfort of a warmer home.

Homeowners in the UK are generally entitled to receive a 50% grant for loft insulation (as well as for cavity wall insulation), so checking your eligibility may prove valuable.

If you decide to install loft insulation yourself, you must make sure you follow proper installation guidelines and wear the recommended protective clothing. Installing loft insulation yourself may save you some money, but it will require considerable time and effort on your part.

Loft Insulation

Your property will dictate the price of the loft insulation, and the time it takes to install. It is generally believed that if you introduce loft insulation to your property the process could pay for itself within only two years.

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