Low Energy Lights

Low Energy Lights

A low energy, or energy saving light source, is one that produces more light for less power, which results in lower running costs. Low energy Lights come in two main categories, LED and compact fluorescent, and advances in technology made them available in a wide variety of fittings, shapes and sizes. Energy saving light bulbs can also come in stylish new designs, and some of them can also be dimmable.

Low energy lights help decrease CO2 emissions and thus your carbon footprint is reduced, but what is also reduced is your energy bill. While producing the same amount of light, low energy lights use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a standard bulb, and in fact if you used Energy Saving light bulbs everywhere in your home you could save around £45 a year!

Low Energy Lights can be more expensive than standard light bulbs, but the extra cost is recouped in approximately a year. Not only that, but an energy saving light bulb could last around 10 times longer than a standard bulb.

Energy saving Light bulbs can come in soft tones so you don’t need to have a harshly let cold light, and they are not confined to being big and bulky. The light bulb functions immediately as it is untrue that Energy saving light bulbs take longer to turn on. Indeed Low energy lights are not at all a compromise nor are they inconvenient, and in fact their benefits are significant when it comes to saving energy and money.

Inefficient light bulbs are being phased out so Low Energy Lights are the future.