Property Inventory Costs

Property Inventory Costs Explained

The cost of a property inventory costs varies according to the size of your property and the number of rooms in it. The cost of an inventory also varies according to whether the property is furnished or unfurnished, and the nature of the inventory required.

The property inventory costs of a 5 bedroom house will be considerably higher than for a studio apartment, and if the property is furnished the  property inventory costs can also be a little higher than the cost for an unfurnished property.

A property inventory can either be a standard first inventory, a Check-in inventory or a Check-out inventory, or an Interim-inspection inventory. The cost of the check-in and the check-out inventories is usually the same or very similar. The cost of an interim-inspection inventory is a little less compared with the other inventories. You can usually get a significant discount to the cost of the inventories if you book an Inventory and Check-in together at the same time.

Different companies will quote you various costs for your inventory service, with the costs for Studio apartment Inventory ranging anywhere between £45 and £105, and the costs for a 5 bedroom house anywhere between £130 and £180. For properties with more than 5 rooms, there is an additional cost per extra room for the total cost of the inventory.

The property inventory costs for commercial properties are usually slightly higher than residential inventory costs, but prices for commercial inventories are usually available to quote upon request.

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