Renting Inventory

Renting Inventory A renting inventory is the list of items carried out before it is rented. It is important to make a renting inventory in order to get an accurate representation of your property and its worth. Here at Eagle Properties, we will conduct a full renting inventory and inform you of the situation.

Firstly, you will need to know if there is any major damage or electrical faults. Our highly trained independent inspectors will include this in the renting inventory and advise on necessary action. In addition, a renting inventory includes any minor damage or surface abrasions. It is important to note these on the renting inventory so that the tenant knows exactly what they are getting into and no unpleasantness occurs later down the line.

Cleanliness not only affects the look of the property and its likelihood to be rented, it can also affect the functionality of certain items. Renting inventory items will include cleanliness and steps to clean. It will take down the age of the furnishings and how likely they are to be affected by wear or breakages during the tenancy through no fault of the tenant.

Repair costs are something our professionals will be able to estimate. During the renting inventory, our inspectors may suggest inexpensive replacements or alternative options.

A renting inventory can either be the full report or a preliminary known as a conditional. The full report is best, but a conditional report can give a general picture. High quality print photographs taken on a professional camera are included as part of our renting inventory service, so that it is easier for you to quickly identify potential problems.

Where deposits are concerned, there will occasionally be disagreements between tenants and landlords. To avoid disputes over liability, it is highly recommended that you hire a trained professional from and independent property service company to conduct the renting inventory.

Should the renting inventory come into question, the unbiased nature of our service will settle the matter, both in and out of court. A renting inventory from a Eagle independent inspector will be invaluable evidence; it would be a mistake for a landlord or tenant to enter any tenancy agreement without a professional third party drawing up a full and accurate renting inventory.

As long as the tenant is duly warned (24 hours prior) we can conduct renting inventories promptly and with short notice all over the London and Surrey area.