Residential Inventory

Residential Inventory A residential inventory is any list of property condition done on an owned or rentable property. Landlords will need a residential inventory as a measure of ensuring that their property is respected by tenants.

A residential inventory is a comprehensive list of all elements of the accommodation. Whether you have a large quantity of electronic appliances and furnishings or whether you simply want a full inspection of all surfaces including the walls, ceiling and floors, a residential inventory is a must. We will inspect the carpets and linen for wear, damage and dirt and advise you on the best step to improving your property in our residential inventory service.

Essentially a ‘schedule of condition’, it is important to conduct a full residential inventory, although a preliminary covering the basics is available. Photographs and extensive notes will be taken during a residential inventory, giving you plenty of forewarning for old items liable to break, wear or develop fault during a new long term or short term tenancy.

Our inspectors will always conduct a thorough and honest evaluation during the residential inventory. This is highly beneficial for you the landlord and your tenant, as it will save any shocks later down the line. We are especially accurate in assessment of electrical appliances and gas safety – both vitally important for a residential inspection. We may advise you on the best inexpensive replacement options for items that are below standard.

Issues that arise as a result of a lack of residential inventory (or an incomplete, substandard residential inventory) can lead to an argument between landlord and tenant about the state of the property and who was liable for the damage. A third party residential inspection is an unbiased representation and will be the best way to resolve any issues, hopefully out of court. Should the worst happen and the law becomes involved, our residential inventory will be taken as absolute proof of the true state of the property.

Even if the property is unfurnished, it is highly advisable to call in an inspector for a residential inventory. Surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and living areas will still need to be inspected and documented. Although the addition of furniture requires a more in-depth inspection, be assured that with Eagle properties, you are guaranteed the most thorough and professional evaluation during your residential inventory. Call us today for your residential inventory services in the Surrey and Greater London areas.