Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms from Eagle

Smoke Alarms are an absolutely vital addition to every home and with over 60,000 house fires in the UK every year, they really can save lives. Two thirds of deaths in house fires are in properties that either didn’t have a Smoke Alarm or didn't have one that was in working order. It is hence crucial that not only you have a Smoke Alarm fitted but also that the batteries are checked weekly. The Smoke Alarm should also be completely replaced after 10 years, so you can continue to protect your home from fire hazards.

Smoke Alarms could save your life

It is sensible to have a Smoke Alarm installed in all rooms in your property so as to ensure that you are notified of a fire hazard wherever it may be in your house. Smoke Alarms can cost anywhere between £5 and £500, and there are Radio Interlinked systems that you can have for all the alarms in your house, so that if one alarm sounds so do all the others.

A wide array of Smoke Alarms is available to suit particular fire hazards for instance, Optical Smoke Alarms work best at detecting blazing fires, and Ionisation Smoke Alarms are great at catching fast burning fires. Fire authorities recommend both Optical and Ionisation Smoke Alarms are fitted for the utmost safety from different types of fire. Where kitchens and garages are concerned, Heat Alarms are the best option, as they are spaces were smoke and mist can be a regular occurrence.

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