Solar PV news.

Solar PV news. On the 24th of March 2011 the government task force who are responsible for the solar PV project proposal; which was to install solar PV on all government estates, was called to a halt. Last year on the 18th of November 2010, a workshop was held at the Cabinet Office to find out more about Solar PV and how the government estates [such as hospitals, council buildings, ministry of defences land and buildings and any building or land owned by the government] can take advantage of FITs and the installation of solar PV systems.

So the government’s buying solutions teams made a start on the Solar PV project and have been working towards delivering a project proposal. However, all stakeholders were told that it has been decided not to proceed with the Solar PV Project because of the imminent changes to the FITs for solar PV and so it wouldn’t be wise to continue.

Our government recognized that the reductions in FITs for solar PV are so low, that it wouldn’t be reasonable for them to invest in solar PV on their estates. How it is that Buying Solutions can put a stop to the project before the conclusion of the government consultation on the then newly proposed FITs which closed on 6 May 2011?

Did they know something that we didn’t? Such as the government had no intention of changing the 8.5 pence tariff and the consultation was simply another governmental attempt to make us feel that we have a say in the matter.

The government is one of the UK’s biggest buyers and user of energy. Surely they should have been working out how to use renewable energy on their land and buildings to use renewable energy and to offset carbon emissions?

After all of this I will ask one question; if the government won’t invest in solar PV because the tariffs are too low, who will?

So that was in the past a few months ago and a year ago; now we see the government taking a different approach to solar energy and they are actually promoting it. From giving grants to providing up to 25 years maintenance cover, we as the public may wonder what actually changed their minds. But for now lets just accept the benefit that we have and embrace the actual solar PV panels and the solar thermal systems that are available and in route to not just making our lives better but also reducing our bills and payments.