Solar PV panels cost

Solar PV panels cost

If you are interested in purchasing solar PV panels and are wondering how much they will cost. Well before you can find the price there are aspects you must first understand and consider. The most important thing you must understand is that the parts for the solar PV panels may be sold separately. For example one company service provider may sell you the whole kit minus installation services at 8-10 thousand pounds. While another service provider may only sell you the actual panel for 4 thousand pounds. On the other hand you may get a solar PV panel provider that will sell you the whole package of the solar panel; the accessories, and the installation fee and even give you a 25 year maintenance cover for a price ranging between 10-20 thousand pounds so that everything is covered.

The government also offers a scheme whereby almost anyone is entitled to either a full or part grant that covers all the costs of the solar PV panel appliances and installation. This service is available depending on certain aspects such as where your home is situated.

If your home is situated to the south and is south east facing then you have more of a chance to getting the solar installation service. Your house also has to have a clear space around it so that the solar panels are not obstructed by anything that could get in the way of the sunlight. If all these factors apply to you then you will most likely get the free solar panel though it is advisable that you contact a service provider first to ensure you understand the regulations and guidelines.

For those who are not eligible for the full free package of the solar PV panels, then it may be that you are eligible for a different sort of grant. Other solar PV panel providers offer a half grant that you will  have to invest the other half in; these type of solar PV panels are slightly smaller but they work just as hard, through the same systems. This particular offer works when you invest about five hundred pounds towards the Solar PV panels cost. The solar PV panels’ provider will still cover the installation cost and the twenty five year maintenance costs.

Other solar PV panels are sold independently by private solar panels’ providers. The cost of each solar PV panel may vary depending on the initial size of the panel and what sort of solar PV panel you are personally after; obviously a top of the range panel will be more expensive than any regular panel. The only thing about buying the panels separately is that you will have to pay for the costs of the installation and the cost of the accessories all separately which may come out more expensive.