Solar thermal

Solar thermal Solar thermal energy is a new way of harnessing solar energy and turning it into thermal energy or heat. Solar thermal collectors are classified in ranks of low, medium or high temperature collectors. Low temperature collectors are flat plates normally used to heal swimming pools. Medium temperature collectors are also normally flat plates, but these are used to heat water or air for both residential and commercial use. High temperature collectors on the other hand concentrate the sunlight using a combination of mirrors and lenses, the light is then is generally used for electric power production. Solar thermal energy is different and more efficient that regular solar photovoltaic’s, which converts solar energy directly into electricity. Only 600 megawatts of solar thermal power were up and running in October of 2006.

Here at Eagle property solutions our solar thermal systems are roof mounted to ensure that the heat transfer fluid gets as much sun as possible. The heated fluid is then used to heat up water that is can either be stored in single or double canister cylinder inside the building. This combination of water and glycol add properties such as lower freezing temperatures and higher boiling temperatures compared to pure water, enabling you to use the facilities all year round and will never fail to provide to your hot water requirements.

As expected the solar thermal energy system will perform less during the winter times as there is restricted solar availability. Though still the winter contribution of solar energy can still be substantial making sure you still make savings on your water and heating bills.

Eagle property solutions solar thermal system are proven to work exactly the same weather is sunny outside or even if there is an over cast as our system need only little sunlight or light at all to function properly. The standards of the Eagle property service solar thermal system will function adequately no matter what the conditions are.

Depending on which property service you contact but here at Eagle the price will initially range between three to five thousand pounds. It also depends on how intense and secure you want the system. For example if you wanted an evacuated tube system then it would cost you more money as it is a more advanced level of technology as they achieve more heat generation that flat place solar thermal system and so as is expected it is more money.

A solar thermal system with a total of 4m2 of collection area will provide 40 to 70 percent of typical homes hot water requirements per year depending on the initial requirements and time of year the requirements are made to be met. The percentage can increase if more hot water is used during the day so that more water can be created in the afternoon, as hot water will only be heated if the tank needs heating. The system cannot heat water if it is full of hot water. Also if low flow showers and spray taps are fitted it will decrease the amount of hot water needed. The system is more beneficial for those homes where a family are at home during the day using hot water, so families that have young children or elderly people. Also aspects such as taking showers instead of baths helps the solar thermal system work better and allow it to provide for your needs.