Tenancy clean

Tenancy Clean

If you are leaving your home, or a new tenant, home owner or a landlord looking to have your property cleaned, a tenancy cleaning provider will be more than happy to suit your needs.

So what is to be expected when contacting a tenancy cleaning provider?

Well different tenancy cleaners will provide different services, at different rates of pay and different guidelines but the systems and the cleaning procedures generally stay the same. Most tenancy cleaners work seven days a week and available at almost any time, tenancy cleaners not only work for home owners and landlords but other businesses and schools. Tenancy cleaners also provide other services such as tenancy carpet clean or tenancy garbage removal. Other tenancy cleaners may offer to clean carpets and upholstery at a different price, so it is vital that you ask or search up what each different company does and doesn’t do. Tenancy cleaners are situated all over the capital and the UK, and so if you cannot find a tenancy cleaning provider near you, one will surely come to you.

What is involved in a tenancy clean?

Tenancy cleaning providers aim to produce the highest level of cleanliness throughout the home or property, to make sure that the customer is pleased and happy with their work; this also helps customers get their deposits back. To reassure the customer and provide peace of mind and confidence in their clients most tenancy cleaners will provide a clean checklist which includes details of all the work that the tenancy cleaner will be carrying out while at the property. Some checklists include the following:

All interior windows, window ledges and window sills be scrubbed, sanitized and polished by the tenancy cleaner. The tenancy cleaner will also dust, clean and polish the skirting boards.

The tenancy cleaner will clean the interior of the property and the furnishings will be dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, and polished from top to bottom. In the kitchen and bathroom, the tenancy cleaner will descale, scrub and polish the taps, tiles and showers. Tenancy cleaners will also mop and polish the floors. Cupboards, kitchen appliances and drawers will be deep cleaned through and sanitised inside and out. In the bedrooms and living areas, the tenancy cleaner will clean all appliances and dust all areas, scrub, clean and polish any furniture, then vacuum or mop the floors, depending on what type of flooring you have. Any cupboards will be dusted, scrubbed, sanitised and polished.

Are there any other services available?

Yes, different tenancy cleaners provide different additional or separate clean services; this does vary from company to company. For example one tenancy cleaning service may offer to clean carpets as a separate service, this service coming with a different price. Cleaners will use top of the range products and cleaning equipment to guarantee the best result. Other tenancy cleaners clean with eco friendly equipment and cleaning products such as steam clean cleaning. Not only does it provide excellent results, it is also vary environmentally and child safe and so the customer feels at peace and good for using the service.

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