The Green Deal

The Green Deal Coming Soon

The government will be launching the Green Deal scheme in 2012, where grants will be available for improvements to heating insulation and renewable energy equipment. The scheme is designed to allow millions of homes and businesses to benefit from improvements with better energy efficiency. While reducing the waste in energy and money, the Green Deal will give home and business owners the opportunity to install energy efficiency measures without having to front up the cash. Indeed, one of the key features of the Green Deal is that the consumer repayments appear as a charge on the energy bill.

Green Deal Finance is intended to encourage home and business owners to introduce energy efficiency measures to their property, without bearing the full cost of these measures. To qualify for the Green Deal, the expected savings in your property must be equal to or exceed the cost of the proposed measure. In other words, the process must be a cost effective one.

A range of financial institutions and High Street names are expected to be involved in offering Green Deal finance.


The Green Deal

Indeed, launching the Green Deal is an innovative programme to bring the UK's buildings up to date.

The Green Deal will surely increase the number of energy efficiency installations in homes and businesses, helping the UK reduce its carbon footprint. Although suggestions have been made plans thought out, how the Green Deal will run in practice is still being developed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Department for Communities and Local Government.

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