UK Green Deal

UK Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new and revolutionary government initiative, to be rolled out across the UK in autumn 2012. The government have identified that the current UK housing stock lacks the energy efficiency that is required of them. By 2020, the government are required to have cut CO2 emissions by 34%, in accordance with the Climate Change Act 2008. Almost three quarters of all energy used within UK households originates from the heating of rooms and water. This amounts to almost 13% of the CO2 emissions within the UK. In an effort to tackle the problem, rife throughout the UK, the government are seeking to introduce and market the Green Deal across the UK.

The Green Deal will allow UK home and business owners to undertake energy efficiency measures at no up-front cost to them. The Green Deal will be at the forefront of the government’s strategies in curbing not just carbon emissions, but eliminating bad practices by consumers. The Green Deal will support and provide finance, of up to £10,000, towards energy efficiency improvements of UK households.


The Green Deal will be made available to as many households in the UK as possible, Including tenants. This will help maximise the intended effect of the Green Deal. The government are also aiming to change current UK legislation and provide local authorities with the power to force landlords and homeowners to sign up to the Green Deal. Though this is still to be confirmed, and only the worst properties will be affected. Households within the UK that are identified as being fuel poor will not benefit from the Green Deal financially. However they will notice a significant improvement in the ability to heat their homes during the winter.

There are a number of processes involved in the Green Deal initiative. Across the UK different organisations and tradespeople will be required throughout the supply chain. Properties must be assessed by a Green Deal assessor to establish what, if any, efficiency improvements are required. Green Deal assessors will also be able to advise customers on how they can reduce the amount of energy they waste. Funding for the improvements will be provided by what will be referred to as Green Deal Provider. Green Deal Providers will tailor suitable measures to the customer’s budget, ensuring that repayments will be affordable. While the Green Deal is not a conventional loan, it will still be governed under UK law. Providers will have to operate under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Installation will be conducted by Green Deal Installers. Comprised of various trades throughout the UK, Green Deal Installers will be responsible for maintaining high standards and ensuring that all installations comply with the relevant guidelines.

Around 100,000 jobs will be created and sustained as a direct impact of the Green Deal. It is predicted that once consumer awareness has increased, there will be surge in the demand for Domestic Energy Assessors (who once registered under the green deal, will be known as Green Deal assessors). When the first Green Deals start to appear, it is speculated, that there will be a significant rise in the demand, across the UK, for tradespeople.

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