What to Expect from My Property Inventories

What to Expect from My Property Inventories Looking over properties and compiling inventories takes a lot of time and effort. If you’re wondering ‘how will I get my property inventories finished?’ you are in the right place.

Who will do my property inventories?

Our trained and unbiased independent inspectors provide a comprehensive and professional service. They will cover checking in, checking out and mid-term inventory.

What will my property inventories include?

As usual with property inventory, your walls, ceilings, carpets, doors and windows will be checked, as will linen, furnishings, ornaments and appliances if included. They will be checked for damage.

If my property inventories include damage, what should I do?

Should you find your property damaged, bring it up with the tenant. If they disagree and it goes as far as court, an independent inventory clerk is a reliable witness and their account will be accepted.

Why should my property inventories be completed by an independent inventory clerk?

A third party will give you a fair advantage – our inspectors never miss a thing. Comparing a check in inventory with a check out inventory will settle all disputes beyond doubt.

What will I see on my property inventories?

Notes on the exact condition of the property, with photos.

How will Eagle do my property inventories better?

We take pride in the fast and extensive report, detailed lists and careful observations from the inspector, plus quality photos from a top-end camera.

When will my property inventories be completed?

Before new tenants move in, we take note of the original condition of the property. At the end of tenancy, a check out inventory accurately informs you of any damage.

Anything extra for my property inventories?

For a renting inventory, we offer spot-checks in the mid-term.

What should I expect to see in my property inventories?

Any faults with electronic - major and minor –and surface abrasions. We can also check gardens, drives and garages of both furnished and non-furnished properties.

Do my property inventories show cleanliness?

Yes – property inventory cover damages and also cleanliness, as unsightly stains or odours can put potential tenants off. Your check out inventory shows all changes from the last tenant.

So if you're wondering: 'could my property inventories improve?' enlist our services for property inventory; both checking in and out. Trust your residence with our professional independent inventory clerks for ultimate security of your property.