2D & 3D Floor Plan FAQ’s

How long does it take?

This depends on a number of factors including the number of bedrooms, size of rooms, the number of floors and so on.

On average a three bedroom house would take 1 hour and then an extra 15 minutes will need to be added to the time for each additional room you have.

Sketch it Yourself Service

A floor plan is usually ready within 24 hours unless otherwise specified.

Do we use any special equipment?

Yes, at Eagle Property solutions we use specialist PDAs to complete floor plan using one of the UKs leading floor plan provider’s software to provide an efficient and quick turnaround. Other equipment includes a compass and digital tape measure.

How will I receive my floor plan?

All floor plans will be sent by email.

What happens if my floor plan needs to be amended?

If you floor plan requires any changes or amendments all we ask is you mark the changes on the plan and fax or email it back to us. Leave the rest to us.

Why do I need a floor plan?

If you are selling or letting your property a floor plan gives you the head start needed in the competitive market.

A floor plan will provide any potential client with a visual layout of the property without having to visit the property. This will save both the client and you or the agent vital time in preventing the need for viewings that do not meet the customer’s requirements.

It has been proven that home buyers and tenants are more interested in listings that have a floor plan available to view. Eagle Property Services will make your property stand out above the crowd.