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Eagle Property Services has a wealth of experience in supporting landlords with this process thereby making it an efficient and effective procedure.

A well organised and accurate inventory supports Landlords in guarding their investments. A detailed and precise inventory means Landlords can be secure in the knowledge that their property is protected.

'Tenants checking in' Eagle Property Services provides a detailed and accurate inventory of the property. The highly thorough process includes taking over 100 photographs and documenting meter readings to guarantee accuracy. The property inventory covers all items included in the let whilst also acknowledging any existing damage. Our thorough inventory of your property sets the high standard for which the property should be maintained and returned at the end of the letting agreement.

The tenant deposit scheme makes it crucial for an independent property inventory to be carried out prior to the commencement of any let. This inventory can be effectively employed in conjunction with the tenancy agreement, and reviewed during and at the end of the letting agreement to ensure that the property is well maintained and looked after. An interim inventory also allows for any changes to be noted as well as general wear and tear.

Eagle Property Services provides snapshots of the condition of a property. Our inventories are good guide to use at the end of a tenancy and helps to prevent possible disputes over damages and  aids in a smoother transition from one tenant to another.

Eagle Property Services provides a Property Inventory and Condition Report which is a fair and impartial record of the condition of the property and its contents. Where required, we can also provide an overview of the condition of the property’s external elements.

Check in
On moving day your tenant will be met by one of our inventory clerks. The tenant will be provided with description of a property and all its rooms, including fittings, such as radiators, lights, furniture, decoration and flooring; additionally a record of the condition and cleanliness of the property. Eagle Property Services covers every room in the property, including and any garden spaces or parking areas and our written inventories are supported with photographs of the property.

During this time the tenant is encouraged to look around the property while cross-referencing the inventory as this adds to peace of mind and reinforces the information recorded on the inventory. Once agreed the tenant will be issued with an Inventory report to sign.

Interim Check
At Eagle Property Services we also provide a Mid Term Report during the letting agreement. We use a Traffic Light System to effectively prevent any disputes between Landlords and Tenants over damages and wear and tear. The Traffic Light System operates in a way that identifies key areas in the property and labels these particular spaces with either Red, Yellow or Green highlighting areas that require attention.

The interim check is a thorough and comprehensive process that presents a snapshot of your property’s current condition.

An ideal interim report will label all areas with a Green Light meaning there is no maintenance required and no damages recorded. A Green Light will also confirm that there are no faults reported or items missing or requiring the Landlord’s further attention. The Traffic Light System is thorough and comprehensive and allows for the Landlord to make informed immediate decisions about the condition of the property and any maintenance work that may be required.

Check out
When the tenancy agreement has come to an end we use our Property Inventory and Condition Report to cross reference and carry out a final inspection. As well as the property’s condition and cleanliness we also record and photograph utility meter readings.

The data is recorded by our Inventory Clerk on one of our PDA Devices which allows us to update and adjust any variations from the original inventory report.


Why choose us

  • Comprehensive Property Inventory report
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Proven track record
  • We cover All of London, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas
  • Our Inventory Clerks have over 26 years combined experience
  • Flexible access, via agent or tenant.
  • Fully trained and competent clerks
  • Fully insured with professional indemnity and public liability cover.